CMMS is only a "piece" of Maintenance Process Improvements

I do quite a bit of training on MP2 CMMS across North America.  As I visit sites and work with maintenance teams, there are some similaritieis worth sharing.  Regardless of whether the maintenance business I am working with is tasked to maintain assets within either Manufacturing or Facilities, the underlying challenges remain similar.

My point today is to stress that maintenance improvements can be realized WAY before CMMS is installed and configured.  In fact, without some diligent planning before a CMMS is purchased and implemented, there is a pretty good chance you won’t have a clue HOW to configure the CMMS system you just dropped hard-earned budget dollars into.

Here are some simple steps to maintenance improvements (at a high level):

  • Define current maintenance processes
  • Brainstorm ideas on how to improve current maintenance processes
  • Draw up a plan for future maintenance processes
  • Evaluate and purchase a CMMS that will serve as a tool with all the bells and whistles required to meet your future maintenance processes
  • Configure the new CMMS to match your new maintenance processes
  • Set a timetable to transition into the new maintenance processes

These steps are simplified and presented at a high level to highlight my point that CMMS is only part of the required process.

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One thought on “CMMS is only a "piece" of Maintenance Process Improvements”

  1. Thoughts on “Why you should choose CMMS?” will be my two cents as a continuation to the above discussion:

    * Reduced labour for overall facility management
    * Reduced material costs for facility maintenance
    * Increased availability of the CMMS system
    * Increased reliability of the CMMS software for data security
    * Improved cost control
    * Improved feedback from the company
    * Superior schedule maintenance and breakdown maintenance
    * Better actual maintenance time
    * Enhanced asset management and tracking

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