Is Your Property Management Business Mobile Friendly?

Mobile Capabilities Of Property Management Businesses

Renters are becoming more and more mobile, and swapping out their desktop computer for smartphones and tablets. If your property management business is not able to stay up with these new technology trends, you will not be able to attract a large portion of renter’s to your business. Make sure that your property management business includes these top mobile capabilities.

  • Mobile website – not all websites are optimized for mobile viewing, which can make it very bothersome and hard to meet the needs of renters on the go. Make sure that your website is properly optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Online applications – give potential renters the ability to apply for a home on their phone with a mobile application process. This will also help your renters upload any important documents on their phone.
  • Online payment options – give your renters the option to pay their rent online, as well as pay for any application fees. Credit card payments and eCheck payment options allow your business to get paid while making it very easy and convenient for renters.
  • Web-based workflow software – keeping your workflow software online helps to make sure that all employees know exactly what needs to be done by simply looking at their phone, which means that they can work from anywhere.
  • Online maintenance request – if something goes wrong, an online maintenance request can help to ensure that you find out about it as soon as possible. It is also a much easier and cheaper way to keep track of what gets done.
  • Mobile inspections – choosing a property management software that allows for mobile inspection capabilities can help you easily document any damage with pictures, labels, and files for all onsite inspections.