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Let's light this candle

CMMS Advice is a blog dedicated to centralizing information for folks interested in learning more about CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software), or on a larger scale EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) Software. The format of this blog will be a free-form mixture of opinions, articles and whitepapers with CMMS or EAM as the central common thread. This blog is being powered and funded by Software Net ( www.software-directory.net ) and specifically the CMMS category, also represented on the web by the CMMS Resource Center ( www.cmms-directory.com ), the original CMMS internet directory (www.cmmsglobal.com) and the latest CMMS informational portal for “All Things EAM / CMMS” ( www.eamuniversity.com ).  Please send suggestions for future expansion areas. We are cooking up some ideas of our own !